SOP Format


  • First Paragraph: Introduction about the student, academic qualification and work experience if any
  • Second paragraph:Reason for choosing the course and how this course will benefit after graduation
  • Third Paragraph: Reason for choosing country
  • Fourth Paragraph: Reason for choosing institution
  • Fifth Paragraph: Future plan
  • SOP should not exceed 2 pages .All the above 5 paragraphs should be simple and short.

Points to be noted:

  • Personal statements do not have to be lengthy
  • Students should avoid flowery language; instead they have to clearly mention their reasons in simple words
  • Each personal statement should be unique; please do not copy from each other
  • Each student is required to research about his/her programme (e.g. by studying the relevant web page of the University) and then explain in clear language as to why he/she has selected the programme
  • If the student had selected a professional programme (e.g. MBA), it is very important that he/she explain his/her career goals in relation to future professional work in business/industry;
  • Students who are looking at switching fields (e.g. From Engineering to MBA), need to explain clearly as to why they are making such a change. For example, they can explain that in order to gain an understanding of the business world and develop management skills, they would like to pursue an MBA programme; they could further state that the MBA qualification will compliment their technical knowledge in mechanical engineering and the combination of technical and management skill would be on a strong footing when seeking career opportunities in the technical industries.
  • Students choosing MBA should state that in future they want to be an entrepreneur by starting own business or they want to be in senior management level job in top companies for which MBA will help them to achieve their goals.